This painting depicts homelessness and the many different faces not often associated with the challenge.  The image was developed to promote " a fundraising event being held February 13, 2018 by Volunteers Of America- Michigan to help the most vulnerable of our neighbors to find homes. 


This painting is featured on the cover of a college text-book titled: "The Social Organization Of Work", authored by Randy Hodson and Teresa Sullivan (as seen on Depicting the reflections of the times, this work of art holds the haunting memories of times passed when many Americans was held in the grips of the housing crisis, faulty loan practices, and jobs being shipped overseas.  It was candidly designed to show the attitudes of those American when faced with uncertainties and challenges that had gutted their way of life. Hopefully it will be a constant reminder of what could happen when "We The People" lose sight of our duties and rights to "promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

This is a transistional theme that begins with the story of a teen girl in her formative years eagerly moving into a new phase of life that altered the mindset of many through a stunning performance in gymnastic. Though her amazing feat gained her a 1st place victory, Gabby Douglas was immediatedly criticized for hair appearance as opposed to being honored for her skills. However, the negative feedback by some left us with a wonderful lesson in unity instead of the intended humiliation of a teen. Dealing effectively with the ignorance, the world got to watch as her equally young teammates circled her in solidarity and support by changing their hair style to the same as Gabby. For such due diligent in a time of need, I honor them accordingly on this canvas.


Seeking the meaning behind the Wailing Wall I was inspired from research to translate the understanding gained into a visual image for others to see and hopefully embrace as I the positive impact of this cultural process. I attempted to show the inner meaning of what makes the wall holy by depicting the provided sacred space that acknowledge the traditions of a culture expressing joy, hope, and grief in accordance to personal experiences of their history. Moreover, highlighting the extension of this cumulative practice to a child to appreciate this tradition and history even before there is full understanding of why.
This beautiful sky-line is a commissioned work of art depicting the city of Detroit.  Being one of the world’s greatest industrial centers and the State of Michigan’s largest city, it lies gracefully along the banks of the Detroit River.
Often called the "Automobile Capital" of the world, it was founded back in 1701 and incorporated as a city in 1815.  Since that time however, Detroit has been home to many great men and women who were pioneers in technology, civil rights, entertainment, and sports.  They left an illustrious legacy that helped shape the very core of modern day society.
"Elevacion del Espirito"  24" x 30" on stretched canvas, shows the “Spirit of Detroit” rising gloriously under the united power of the people in letting their light of creativity shine on the world as they follow the foot steps of their predecessors in helping to move our great nation forward once again in social development and innovative ideas in technology.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten"


Painting "One Last Look"  became a humbling experience for me. This idea came about in acknowledging my own misguided views of women and the haunting stigmas placed by society that systematically limits their pursuit for self-fulfillment. It was my redeeming hope to capture a moment in time of this manifested barrier busy at work on a young lady gripped in conflict with her own emotions.  Looking normal on the outside, she struggles desperately on the inside to come to terms with a divided heart. Having gotten use to the tormented limitations of her past, she yet wants to move on to fulfill that emptiness that's grows larger each day in her life. Thoroughly convinced however that a decision must be made, she painfully takes that one last look to either go forward into a future of uncertainty, or to return to the disappointments of a familiar world . I truly hope this work of art will be of a service to you as it has been for me in serving a cause much higher than my own. 


Is a moment of reflection we all find ourselves when basking in the warmthness of an evening sun. The stillness of thoughts often leads many to ponder the beauty of life and why we are born into it.



An eagle is on high alert as time nears for the hatching of her eggs. Even the sun light springing over the mountain top causes a great stir in the maternal guard of this dedicated mother.