WHY THE WILD WOLF PICTURE AND NOT MY OWN? The wolf represent the wild spirit of life we all start out with before giving it shape and discipline in our development. People seeing me is not important! People knowing me is... For it is through the deliverance of my work they will know my face, hear my voice, feel my touch, and understand my ways.

THE WILD WOLF DISCOVERED: If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten...


BIOGRAPHY- This creative journey for Reuben began in the 9th grade after migrating from the South to Michigan and attending High School where he made a genuine connection to the art world. However, upon graduating and volunteering for the US Marine Corp at age 17, that creative urge was short lived after experiencing an unexpected trauma during basic training in Boot Camp and a tour of duty in Asia.

LIKE MOST PEOPLE that have endured disturbing events of the past, his life too was filled with turmoil and set-backs in combating the shadows of past memories long after his release from military service. With little understanding of the problem and no clue to a solution, he only knew something had to be done if he is ever to have a functional life again.

AFTER MANY ATTEMPTS at recovery and through the good fortune of meeting concerned people with shared inisight into his situation, He was finally provided with an effective plan and direction needed to put his life back in order. It was soon discovered that the creative process of art making was healing and life enhancing. Now calling Michigan home and the start of Wild Wolf Fine Art Studio, he has successfully  integrated art into his life once again, but this time adding it as a means of financial support, stress management, and a means to encourage positive solutions about social concerns.

AS A RESULT OF PARTICIPATION Reuben has become an experienced artist efficient in grasping proposed ideas with an intuitive eye and turning them into visual images for practical applications.  Being self-taught using the durable medium acrylic and studying the works of admired artists, he brings a unique combination of traditional and contemporary styles that connect well with the viewer’s sense of interest.  Using the motivating mantra  "Giving a voice to the silent and sight to the unseen" in creating art, has brought national and local recognition to his ever evolving talent as a painter, muralist, and speaker on art healing.




Kind regards

Wild Wolf Fine Art