Reply 05.12.2016 18.39
Hey Reuben, awesome works! Great job with the site. This is Denis, musician, from Change of Heart. I have made my music available online.

Reply 16.01.2016 20.58
Beautiful pics. It is even better because you explained them to us.

Reply 18.12.2015 11.09
Roxanne Rappuhn
Your work is amazing, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Reply 23.01.2015 17.57
Paula Regalado
So effortless and translucent, fantasy like... Kenyatta's work amazingly resemble vivid -- dreams..Absolutely gorgeous! .

Reply 02.12.2014 11.35
Ruby Clark
Outstanding artistic painting... you have brought real beauty to the world with your painting.. you are actually the best artist I have seen.. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!

Reply 01.12.2014 17.53
I am so proud of my cousin REUBEN KENYATTA.

Reply 27.11.2014 21.49
Martin Crawford
Truly amazing paintings. I'm glad to see your able to share more of your gift with the world!

Reply 21.09.2014 23.11
John Horne
Mr. Kenyatta, you are truly talented and I am very pleased to be able bask in your greatness! It is a blessing to know you.

Reply 03.09.2014 15.52
Ruby Clark
The Olympic Champion (Gabby) The Joy of inspiring others that's what life is all about. Always, grab your joy in the morning and dwell on peace the rest of the day. 

Reply 31.08.2014 17.09
Barbara Murray
Reuben, is an amazing artist! I found it very difficult to select which one I liked the best. I am waiting patiently to see the art wall he is doing near my store The Bead Boutique in Lansing, MI.

Reply 25.08.2014 19.00
Randy Orgeron
Great start on your future moving forward as an artist, Reuben. Will look to seeing much more creative output from you. Also very much appreciate your taking Color Simulations Service along!  

Reply 23.08.2014 14.55
I see a young woman headed to the city - for better or worse.