Reply 04.09.2017 19.05
It is awesome
Are you on face book

Reply 25.04.2017 10.47
Eva Sahib Rogers
Thank you, Mr. Kenyatta, for promptly communicating with me regarding my children's book project! Your expertise and professional demeanor are greatly appreciated! God Bless you - Keep the faith!

Reply 11.12.2015 22.27
Dan L.
Hey Reuben, finally got a chance to see your work. Amazing God bless you and your art

Reply 22.06.2015 11.22
Daniella Farrell
 HI Reuben Have a blessed day!

Reply 02.04.2015 21.54
Stanley Scott
Reuben you do phenomenal work, I;m glad to have gotten the privilege of meeting you. Your fellow Vet. Stanley a.k.a ''Stan-Master -Flash"

Reply 02.02.2015 20.24
Aaron Lloyd
Beautiful art work

Reply 11.12.2014 21.37
This has been an inspiration to see and to read your story!!

Reply 15.11.2014 11.28
Kent Shultz
Just finished looking AT THE HUFFINGTON POST article published earlier this week, about Kenyatta's art. I am STUNNED by his brilliance. This page will not allow me to write more than this. Sorry.

Reply 23.09.2014 00.48
Paige Sawdy
Thank you for the work you do and the inspiration you bring. Light and Love. :)

Reply 17.09.2014 16.28
Reuben, you are truly an inspiration to me, the way you are giving your life back to the world through your art and through your attitude. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!